MRDAC - MR development and application center

Over the last years we have continuously developed MR applications for drug evaluation in several clinical phase I-III studies in collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies.

The success of these trials has confirmed our understanding, that MR is the key modality for in vivo drug testing in the future.

The main advantages are as follows:

  • It is non-invasive and, therefore, allows repetitive studies for follow-up.
  • Several relevant parameters (e.g. morphological, anatomical, and functional) can be observed and quantified with high reproducibility and robustness. The multiparametric measurements allow for complete characterization of expected and unexpected drug effects.
  • Although MR is not particularly cheap, it is still very cost-effective, especially if the wealth of information it offers is taken into account.
Our know how and our facilities makes MRDAC to an outstanding partner for MR-applications and data analysis in the context of pharma studies.

Radiological Study Center

Together with the Radiological Study Centre (Radiologisches Studienzentrum) we are able to offer a broad range of radiological imaging services like x-ray, CT, MRI including reading services within clinical studies. More information will be found at the Radiological Study Centre (Radiologischen Studienzentrum) of the University Medical Center Freiburg.

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