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DCE-MRI (Dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging) is the key method to evaluate anti-angiogenic and anti-vascular agents in clinical trials.

  • It allows to determine the functional response of tumor to the anti cancer agents on a microvascular level where parameters like vascular permeability are important biomarkers.
  • It is a non-invasive technique with low restrictions to patient comfort and is the method of choice to follow-up drug action in tumor and surrogate tissues.
  • It directly reflects the impact of the therapeutic drug on tumor state by angiogenesis assessment.

DCE-MRI data analysis is performed by an in-house software analysis tool

  • written in Matlab according to GCP-requirements,
  • to determine pharmacological parameter (Ktrans, kep) by pharmacokinetic modelling which are related to physiological parameters like vessel permeability and extra-vascular volume.
  • with pharmacodynamic models to analyze clinical and pre clinical MRI data,
  • with region of interest (ROI) and pixel wise analysis,
  • with handling of 2D, 3D and multi echo data sets,
  • with an user-friendly graphical user interface and
  • with a flexible design to meet the demands in the progress of modeling and new study trials.

  • (please click for magnified image) Screenshot example of the analysis tool.

MRDAC provides a complete package for the implementation of clinical phase trials including standard and advanced DCE-MRI measurement protocols and DCE-MRI analysis tools using professional software.
MRDAC has more than 15 years experience performing DCE-MRI examinations and analysis in the context of clinical trials.

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