CAIRnet is a coordinated effort of the small animal research teams of the Universities of Freiburg, Aachen, and Tübingen. The partners are operating research centers offering a comprehensive set of advanced small animal imaging techniques for a broad range of applications in the fields of oncology, cardiovascular research, metabolic disease, inflammation/immunology, infectious disease as well as neuroscientific and neurological research.

Small animal imaging is an indispensable tool to bridge the gap between molecular biology and preclinical, translational and ultimately clinical research and application. Over the last years a large number of imaging modalities and systems have been developed, which allow the investigation of animal models with the full range of imaging techniques used in human studies, but scaled and optimized for small animal research. On the other end of the spectrum, optical imaging techniques for application in in vivo measurements in small animals have been developed to allow the translation of insight from in vitro optical imaging into investigations of living animals. The possibility to perform experiments on well-controlled animal models with methodologies corresponding to imaging in humans has led to a broad range of application scenarios.

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